Indian Woman in London looking to get Pregnant

Sperm donors in UK / Ireland
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Indian Woman in London looking to get Pregnant

Post by elizabethann093 » Thu Apr 25, 2019 10:43 am

I'm Elizabeth Ann, 31 years old, Indian by Descent but born and brought up in UK. I take pride to introduce myself as someone who love to have a lot of babies. During my childhood, there was this neighbor couple who had 5 kids, all of them were born in an year's gap. i loved the way the mom took care of them while the father was away since he was a military. I had this feeling of having a lot of babies since then.

I was in a relationship with a guy who was my college mate and it lasted for only two years. We split up when I told him about my intention to have babies and he was not ready for it. From that day onwards I made a promise that I will get into a relationship only with a man who also love babies. My search was fulfilled when I found out my ex-hubby when I was 28. We delayed having babies for two years to enjoy our travelling. Immediately after our 2nd wedding anniversary we started trying for babies which eventually lead to a couple of tests. The tests revealed that I'm 100% okay but my husband lacked count to get me pregnant. I was shocked so was he since he knew how much I long for a baby. He was not ready to raise kids which were biologically not his own so we decided to get separated on mutual terms.

I moved to my own flat in London where I live alone and independently. I work from home and it won't take me more than 4 hours a day for my work. I consulted my doctor for Artificial Insemination but he suggested since I am looking for more than a baby it would be good if I tried Natural Insemination and suggested me the sites to go for it.

This is the reason why I'm here. I'm 100% fertile, 100% STD free and the men will also have to undergo these tests at my expense. I'm primarily looking for a man who would like to start a family with me but its not compulsory, just that I give more preferences to men who are ready for it. I'm not biased on race, age and looks basis.

Please check out my profile and photos and if interested and can help me, then please contact me.
Remember I am not looking for just one baby but more.
Those who are in Kik, Contact me in Kik at elizabethann093

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