Los Angeles Donor - AI or Natural

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Los Angeles Donor - AI or Natural

Post by losangeleslatino » Wed May 15, 2019 7:17 am

Good day to you,

My name is Dave and I am 39 years old. I have not been married nor have had kids and donating is a new experience for me. However, I have had a wonderful set of parents and had a magnificent upbringing. So I find myself here- first and foremost, I would like to know that my bloodline continues. Secondly, I realize this can help a family that is in want of life. Therefore, I have arrived here and hope we can begin this conversation.

Specifically, I am interested in signing legal documents so that we lay out the ground rules, from the beginning. Secondly, I prefer AI over natural because of cleanliness. Again, this is really about creating life.

A little about me, I am from LA. Latino Male. Strictly Hetero. 5'11". A little chubby at 224lbs right now, due to a snug office job and not working out. I used to be active and sustained one injury playing tennis last year(torn acl). And that was following a shoulder injury. Moving forward, I am disease free and with a clean bill of health. I have two siblings and we were all born normal and healthy. My brother is 6'1" and my sis is 5'5". The only thing worth mentioning is that I wear glasses, with a mild prescription(astigmatism). In terms of looks, I have regularly received compliments and believe I come from a good looking family.

Email me if you're honest about pursuing this lifelong experience of being a mom. I would like to help.

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Re: Los Angeles Donor - AI or Natural

Post by Hazel » Mon Jun 17, 2019 8:51 pm

Hi my name is hazel i saw your ad nd i was wondering if u were interested nd helping me conceive plz email hazeljames.mo@gmail.com

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