Montana/Idaho donor (can travel to nearby states)

Sperm donors in USA Western region
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Montana/Idaho donor (can travel to nearby states)

Post by lifestarter » Thu Jan 16, 2020 8:09 am

About me: I'm 48, 6'1", 180 lbs, d/d free, IQ 150, with brown hair and light eyes. I have proven fertility, and experience as a sperm donor with successful pregnancies. I donate because I love life, and value helping create life. I'm willing to sign papers saying that it's a sperm donation, and that I should have no legal rights or responsibilities regarding the child. I'm open to staying in touch afterwards if you wish, but I have no expectations beyond an e-mail when a child is born.

Location: I live in western Montana, can donate in Montana or Idaho, or in eastern Washington or northwestern Wyoming. I feel that creating life is worth some investment of my time, and I'm open to the possibility of travel as far as Salt Lake City, Seattle, or Portland (all 7-8 hours from me.) Meeting in the middle is also an option.

Travel: I will travel a considerable distance, if you are using home ovulation tests to help determine the optimal timing. These tests show a positive 48-72 hours before ovulation, so a donation will be perfectly timed if we meet the day after a positive, and that makes donation practical even when travel is necessary. I have a flexible schedule, and can travel on short notice when the timing is favorable. I can also commit to being available for multiple cycles.

Method: The outcome (creting a baby) is more important to me than how it's done. Most women seeking a donor are looking for AI, and I'm always happy to hand over sperm in a collection cup, so you can inseminate yourself in private. At-home AI is easy and effective. If you're a woman who likes or prefers NI, or if you feel NI would be easier, we can talk about the natural option. Creating life is always special and meaningful, no matter how it happens.

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