Young, experienced and proven sperm donor

Sperm donors in Eastern Europe region
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Young, experienced and proven sperm donor

Post by YoungUncle » Tue Oct 30, 2018 7:40 pm


I'm 24 yo sperm donor from Warsaw, Poland(but, I'm also mobile and can travel abroad). I have started helping as sperm donor as teenanger and since then I had succesfully helped few times with starting a familiy I'm about 180 cm heigh and 80kg weight, brown eyes and brown hair. Thanks to previous couple that I helped I have a full medical check up(sperm, veneral diseases and general helth check up).

Age -thats something, thats is dragged out often, becouse I'm young. Yeah, true, but I was even younger when I started and I'm used to helping much older people(70% of people asking for my help is at the edge of fertility) + I really don't mind age gapes.
Singels, marriages, les couples - I would love to help you all! I know its hard for marriages especially, I dont mind husband being present or absent during impregnation - it depends on couple. And I know there are les couples that would like to reduce contact to minimum and those who doesn't mind natural insemination
Origin, race, religion- doesn't matter to me. I really dont mind to procreate interracial child or kids for muslims, I will gladly help all of you

I dont expect any salary, just cost of my travel and stay during impregnation
In case of any question just ask me!

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